Tēnā Koutou Katoa

Seven years ago i was at the absolute lowest point in my life. I looked to my friends for support and instead of the usual “everything is going to be ok, i am here for you”, i got “you should write a book”. I disowned that friend but that whakaaro (thought) haunted me all these years.

I have recently come to realise that that was probably some of the most useful advice i had been given. In 2020 writing a book isn’t necessarily a physical binded edited piece of work. Its now a youtube channel, an instagram account or a blog and its not just somewhere to tell a story, journal or to inspire others but an outlet for everything going on inside your head.

So here it is, the book i should have started 7 years ago. When 20 billion senarios and shoulda coulda wouldas were doing zoomies in my head. I want to dedicate this to my friend. I still love her and value the friendship she bought into my life. Perhaps one day she might like to “write a book” of her own.


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